Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beat of my Heart

Within my heart, lies immense passion for others. I care so much, almost to the point where it sometimes gets taken advantage of and definitely taken for granted, yet there is just something about helping others that makes it worth that risk. :) I know Jesus calls us to serve others, and with an unselfish heart. It is so easy to get taken into the daily routine of meeting your needs first, then others. But I don't want that anymore. It doesn't satisfy me, and it just leaves my heart yearning for more. I want to make a difference. And I know I can.

I didn't always know if I wanted to be a teacher. In fact, I was near switching my major. Every single family member of mine had been teachers, and I felt like I was supposed to do more, whatever I meant by that. I hunted for another job that I felt would suit me better. I pursued one very strongly until I pointed out a sign to the Lord that would make it an obvious closed path. Sure enough, He closed it. I was heartbroken, but that next week, I spent a whole week in the classroom of Cleveland Elementary, where I fell in love. Words can't describe how my answer became so clear. I had prayed and prayed, I had spent years in classrooms observing, but it was never so obvious. These children come from broken families, low incomes, and have hearts beaten from the unfairness of life. But the thing is - I need them just as much as they need me.

I have learned from these children that love is what we make it, our attitudes are what we choose it to be, and our lives are better spent loving others than looking into our neighbor's faults.

It's not every job you get asked out twice a day, have a hug from the most mischievous child you've been batting heads with all day, or feel respected and loved for who you are, and the smile you share. But I found where my heart belongs, and now it beats with a beautiful rhythm that I can finally dance along with. :)