Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lend a Hand :)

When it comes to helping people, I am a big fan:)
I know I can definitely do more, and I want to encourage anyone who is willing to do the same as well! :)

Lately I've been sponsoring some soldiers. I started out with one, and got such a heart for them that I wanted to help as many as possible. It's as simple as being a pen pal to them, and letting them know that we care. Care packages can be sent as well:) It gets lonely for them over there, and I couldn't imagine being away from my loved ones for that long. So I encourage everyone to please join and let them know we care! :)

Here's the link you can click:
Then go to the link that says,
"Click Here to Register for Adoption"

Here is another way to help! All you have to do is click and food & water can be donated to the hungry. :) Crazy, but the sponsors pay for it!

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